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Sample imageTest Yourself...

How much do you know about the spoken English Language?

Try these tests, just to see how you do. In reality every time someone talks to you it is a test of 'do you understand or not'. Relaxed regular study of SayAgain will greatly speed up your spoken English comprehension.

For each test the question order is randomly selected, so the same question may come up again. Good - that is what happens in real life. Answer all the questions, and if you don't know the answer - guess! Who cares. By learning from your mistakes, you're making progress.

1)   'On second thoughts' means?
  Save Misled Confident Change mind
2)   'Have a bash' means?
  Hungry Payment Attempt Talkative
3)   'Dragging his heels' means?
  Understood Delaying Favourite Cowardice
4)   'Barking up the wrong tree' means?
  Confused Okay Kiss Well behaved
5)   'Felt a right nana' means?
  Embarrassed Fell over Jealousy Long way
6)   'Gone behind his back' means?
  Approval Clean Now Deceit
7)   Which of the following means 'failed'?
  Keep an eye on
Gone bust
Clean sweep
Brass neck
8)   'Carved in stone' means?
  Odd mentality Definite Congratulations Aristocratic
9)   'As sure as eggs are eggs' means?
  Clumsy No money Dislike Definite
10)   'At the end of his tether' means?
  Work Surprise Untrustworthy Frustration
11)   'Sick to the back teeth' means?
  Frustration Untrue On completion Humorous
12)   Which of the following means 'a type of motor car'?
  Hot hatch
Nosey Parker
That old trick
13)   'In the pink' means?
  Old Prison Fit and healthy Stupidity
14)   Which of the following means 'to complain'?
  Making a song and dance about it
All singing, all dancing
Pelting down
15)   'Don't rock the boat' means?
  Nothing Knowledgeable Definite Being careful
16)   'Got egg on his face' means?
  Change mind Ignore Happy Embarrassed
17)   'Lost the plot' means?
  Arrogance Confused Remote area Newspapers
18)   'Been on the go all day' means?
  Busy Excellent Keep a secret Quiet
19)   Which of the following means 'a reliable person'?
  On the warpath
Jobe's comforter
Whistle-stop tour
Diamond geezer
20)   'In a pickle' means?
  Attentive Bad situation Deaf Tired
21)   'Hooley' means? (Australian)
  Sarcastic Beautiful Dismissal Party
22)   'On the ropes' means? (American)
  Go away Bad situation Selfish Embarrassed
23)   'Toppie' means? (South African)
  Old Tired Drink Busy
24)   'Bakkie' means? (South African)
  Problem Relationship Contradiction Motor car
25)   'Tinny' means? (Australian)
  Negotiate Move Happy Beer
26)   'Kissed it goodbye' means? (American)
  Failed Not clear Temporary event Dislike
27)   'Solid guy' means? (South African)
  Kind Boredom Evade Greed
28)   'Loskop' means? (South African)
  Ungenerous Pleased Shabby Not concentrating
29)   'Floods' means? (American)
  Endearment Trousers Confused Angry
30)   'Yakka' means? (Australian)
  Work Small amounts Depressed Arrogance