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Sample imageTest Yourself...

How much do you know about the spoken English Language?

Try these tests, just to see how you do. In reality every time someone talks to you it is a test of 'do you understand or not'. Relaxed regular study of SayAgain will greatly speed up your spoken English comprehension.

For each test the question order is randomly selected, so the same question may come up again. Good - that is what happens in real life. Answer all the questions, and if you don't know the answer - guess! Who cares. By learning from your mistakes, you're making progress.

1)   Which of the following means 'to complain'?
  Making a song and dance about it
All singing, all dancing
Pelting down
2)   'Gone behind his back' means?
  Approval Clean Now Deceit
3)   'Handle with kid gloves' means?
  On completion Being careful Idiot Cheap
4)   'Good to go' means?
  Approval Deceit Large amount On the decline
5)   'Duck and dive' means?
  Jumper Weak Evade Too late
6)   'All smoke and mirrors' means?
  Deceit Died Easy victory lost
7)   'Worth a shot in the dark' means?
  Chance Give up Justice Arrogance
8)   Which of the following means 'to be embarrassed'?
  Worked his socks off
Copper bottomed
Felt a right nana
Salted away
9)   'Worked his socks off' means?
  Behave badly Go away Honest Effort
10)   'Threw a wobbly' means?
  Speed up Angry Obvious Intrusive
11)   'Felt a right nana' means?
  Embarrassed Fell over Jealousy Long way
12)   'On a back burner' means?
  Vomit Poor quality Delaying Combined
13)   This picture indicates?
See you anon
Chalk and Cheese
All smoke and mirrors
14)   Which of the following means 'to be upset'?
  Spirit of the law
Close but no cigar
Run off his feet
Cheesed off
15)   'Spinning a yarn' means?
  Go for it Deceit Search Relaxed
16)   'Shoulder to the wheel' means?
  Argument Fight Effort Nasty person
17)   This picture indicates?
At loggerheads
In the first flush of youth
Like watching paint dry
18)   'Have a bash' means?
  Hungry Payment Attempt Talkative
19)   'In the pink' means?
  Old Prison Fit and healthy Stupidity
20)   'Been on the go all day' means?
  Busy Excellent Keep a secret Quiet
21)   'Hyped' means? (American)
  Difficult Happy Clumsy Aristocratic
22)   'Ging' means? (American)
  Money Change mind Secrets released Delaying
23)   'Kished' means? (South African)
  Cold Tired Useless Vacation
24)   'All tied up in knots' means? (American)
  Confused Happy Stopped Pain
25)   'Out of whack' means? (Australian)
  Undecided Messed up Assaulted Blackmail
26)   'Yakka' means? (Australian)
  Work Small amounts Depressed Arrogance
27)   'Grappie' means? (South African)
  Quiet Joke Confused Attempt
28)   'Having a gas' means? (American)
  Ignore Start again Jealousy Good time
29)   'Home and hosed' means? (Australian)
  Problem Received badly Easy move No chance
30)   'Sanger' means? (Australian)
  Genuine Embarrassed Cigarettes Sandwich