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Sample imageTest Yourself...

How much do you know about the spoken English Language?

Try these tests, just to see how you do. In reality every time someone talks to you it is a test of 'do you understand or not'. Relaxed regular study of SayAgain will greatly speed up your spoken English comprehension.

For each test the question order is randomly selected, so the same question may come up again. Good - that is what happens in real life. Answer all the questions, and if you don't know the answer - guess! Who cares. By learning from your mistakes, you're making progress.

1)   'Spinning a yarn' means?
  Go for it Deceit Search Relaxed
2)   'Changed his tune' means?
  Zero Change mind Laugh Good
3)   This picture indicates?
Serving time
On ya bike
Tittle tattle
4)   'Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed' means?
  Problem Fit and healthy Easy move Questionable
5)   'Bent over backwards' means?
  Everything Effort Pain New start
6)   'Sick to the back teeth' means?
  Frustration Untrue On completion Humorous
7)   'Worth a shot in the dark' means?
  Chance Give up Justice Arrogance
8)   This picture indicates?
See you anon
Chalk and Cheese
All smoke and mirrors
9)   'Blew it' means?
  Failed Good mood Idea See
10)   Which of the following means 'a surprise'?
  Blew it
Sound as a bell
A turn-up for the books
Given the cold shoulder
11)   Which of the following means 'too late'?
  Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted
One good turn deserves another
Mum's the word
12)   'Been on the go all day' means?
  Busy Excellent Keep a secret Quiet
13)   'Up the creek without a paddle' means?
  Bad situation Gossip Ugly Very
14)   'Fouled up' means?
  Finish Hangover Temporary event Failed
15)   'Got the green light' means?
  Bad situation Frightened Money Approval
16)   'In a pickle' means?
  Attentive Bad situation Deaf Tired
17)   'Suck it and see' means?
  Depressed Expensive Chance Party
18)   Which of the following means 'to complain'?
  Making a song and dance about it
All singing, all dancing
Pelting down
19)   'Worked his socks off' means?
  Behave badly Go away Honest Effort
20)   This picture indicates?
At loggerheads
In the first flush of youth
Like watching paint dry
21)   'Tanked' means? (American)
  Only just Approval Drunk Odd mentality
22)   'Ging' means? (American)
  Money Change mind Secrets released Delaying
23)   'Kissed it goodbye' means? (American)
  Failed Not clear Temporary event Dislike
24)   'Mampara' means? (South African)
  Search Fell over Idiot No chance
25)   'Ocker' means? (Australian)
  Police Nasty person Finish Deceit
26)   'Pozzie' means? (South African)
  Home Nothing Honest Finish
27)   'Two bagger' means? (American)
  Money Untrue Ugly Humorous
28)   'Rinsed' means? (South African)
  Out of date Forgiving Beer Share
29)   'Toppie' means? (South African)
  Old Tired Drink Busy
30)   'Tinny' means? (Australian)
  Negotiate Move Happy Beer