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Quick Tour - KeywordsA-Z Keywords

Keywords are listed alphabetically. You can work through them in any order you like using the alphabet links and then clicking on a keyword. Some letters have many entries, and so they are divided into 'sets'. click on a set to see more keywords. You can also see a translation for the keyword in your own language, as well as an image to help with your understanding.

Below the keyword you will find alternative expressions in British English, and up to 6 other English-speaking regions (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland). Some of these expressions also have sound files so you can hear how they are spoken.

Test Yourself

QuickTour - Test YourselfYou can test your knowledge of spoken English at any time, and as often as you like. There is NO pass or fail - simply a percentage showing your correct answers! Once you have taken each of the individual tests and are happy with your progress, you can take a final test, which will then allow you to print a personalised certificate showing your study time and overall test results. Great to show your boss, or to include with your CV if you are looking for work!!!

Your Progress

Your study time and test results are all recorded for you when your sign in to You can view them at any time by visiting the 'My Admin' page. This is also where you can print your current certificate.

Your Preferences

QuickTour - Progress ResultsPersonalise your experience on by telling us which industry and region you are interested in visiting or working in, we can tailor the pages you see to suit you. You can change your settings at any time by visiting the 'My Preferences' page. This is also where you can select your native language for translations, turn sounds on or off, or change your password to something more memorable to you.

There's More...

We also have a very useful Search Tool, a Menu Reader section, a page about the Phonetic Alphabet, as well as a list of Radio Stations where you can hear spoken English from around the world. And there's still more. So much so, we won't hold you up any longer - JOIN US today and see for yourself!

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