You might think that a section on Latin words in a course to help you understand English is rather odd. However, the truth is a few Latin words are used very frequently, not as Latin per se (or for some to show off a superior education - like we just did there!), but as just another word or phrase in everyday English to express something.

Latin being absorbed into everyday English is hardly surprising; the Romans invaded England 2000 years ago and ruled much of Britain for 400 years.

Just look at the extent of their empire:

Latin has long been the “standard” language of Law, Science, Medicine and, indeed, the Church.

Oddly, in the UK, some local Government agencies have actually banned the use of any Latin words.

However, this will never stop them being used in general everyday speech and writing.

The words and phrases set out on the next few pages are in common use and are worth knowing, so have fun!