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First of all make sure you have seen the QuickTour section to get an overview.

Getting started

Remember the Keywords as aids for quick, simple translations of the various strange alternatives English speakers use.

The keywords are good translation matches, but as they cover a range of different ways of saying the same thing, they are not perfect translations. In time you will learn the differences of each phrase.

Do not even attempt to mentally visualise their meaning. “To get on like a house on fire” means “to get on well. Why? At this stage you don’t care - it just does.

We strongly recommend that you never try to use any of these phrases. You will probably sound silly and some have alternative meanings, which can be offensive.


Take it slowly. Visit once or twice a week for 20-30 minute sessions, only learning the Keywords and their alternatives. Study all the Keywords in A-B then try the first progress test. Do not worry - there is no pass/fail mark, you can take the tests as many times as you like to improve your score.

Note: where there are a lot of alternative phrases, they are grouped into two or three 'Sets'.

Do not get worried about how many there are, you have not been badly taught on your previous formal courses. English is such a complex language there is not much time to teach you many of these oddities.

Progress tests and certificate.

You can check your progress by taking the eleven tests and the final twelfth test. You will be able to keep a summary of study sessions and test results.

In the navigation menu bar, go to ‘Test Yourself’ to take the tests and ‘My Progress’ to view your progress.

Once you have taken the final twelfth test, a button automatically appears in ‘My Progress’, which opens your new certificate. Click on ‘Get my Certificate’.

Print the Certificate, as it is a really good addition to your employment CV.

The Navigation Menu.

To help you further, do use the sections in the navigation bar. Listen to Talk Radio, as you will then start to hear the differences in English accents from around the world.


Don’t worry - you will never learn the entire content of Even native English speakers don’t understand all the odd words in the various English-speaking areas!

Join Us Vitally, your understanding of everyday spoken English will have improved greatly.
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