Lemme do it

Let me do it

Loadsa work to do

Loads of work to do

Nah - not me

No - not me



You oughta know

You ought to know

You ought' nt do that

You ought not to do that

I am outta here!

I am out of here!

Seeya tomorrow

See you tomorrow

Did you see' um?

Did you see them?

I should' ov known

I should have know

S' not good!

This is not good!

Ta very much

Thank you very much

T'aint necessarily so

It is not necessarily so

Do not tell' em

Do not tell them

He will tell 'ya

He will tell you

T' is just a scratch

It is just a scratch

T' isn't right

It is not right

T' was only yesterday

It was only yesterday

T' wasn't yesterday

It was not yesterday

I use' ta play football

I used to play football

Wad' ya have to do?

What do you have to do?

I wanna drink now!

I want a drink now!

You wannabe ready at 8

You want to be ready at 8

Watcha done?

What have you done


Hi there!

Wouldn' it be lovely?

Would it not be lovely?

I would' ov come

I would have come

Yar, Yep, Yup