All English language students are familiar with contractions, where two or more words are condensed to form one word

ie. He'll = He will.

However, there are a number of contractions in widespread use that sound like a completely different word. These are used at all levels of education from children to Company Presidents. Ignore the spelling as these are never written........concentrate on the sound.

In the samples we give, the contraction is in bold text. We have put them in the context of a sentence to help you understand.

That Ain' it

That is not it

Where you bin?

Where have you been?

You can' t come

You can not come

I did' em all

I did them all

I didn' t know

I did not know

I don' t know

I do not know

You know, don' tcha?

You know don't you?

I will get' em

I will get them

No, they aren' t

No, they are not

You couldov hurt me

You could have hurt me

Didya really?

Did you really?

I will getcha!

I will get you!

Gimme that now

Give me that now

Giv' ya self a treat

Give your self a treat

I am gonna get you

I am going to get you

I will get 'em

I will get them

Giv' em to me

Give them to me

Gizza clue

Give us a clue

I shan't do it

I shall not do it

I gotta go

I have got to go

Where has it gotya?

Where has it got you?

The birds had 'em

The birds had them

Hadya got it already?

Had you got it already?

The birds will av' em

The birds will have them

You haven' t got a chance

You have not got a chance

Havya done it yet?

Have you done it yet?

How' zat then?

How was that then?

Isn't it dark?

Is it not dark?

It is dark innit?

It is dark isn't it?

I kinda like it

I kind of like it