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Advertise on is not just an invaluable tool for people wishing to improve their understanding of the various idiosyncrasies of the English language around the globe, it is an excellent opportunity for your business to deliver highly-targeted advertising to a very receptive audience.

Registered users of the learning system not only provide an indication of the region that they are interested in visiting, and which 'flavour' of the English spoken language is of most benefit to them, but they also supply information regarding the industry that is most relevant to them.

What does this mean to you as an advertiser?
Simple. Highly effective, very targeted promotion of your business or organisation. For example, if you are in the Aviation industry based in the United Kingdom, then your advertising would only be shown to those people with these interests, not someone looking for a catering job in Australia! No wasted time. No wasted advertising budget!

Your advertising campaign can be as generic or as specific as you like - you tell us where you want your ads to be shown and we will put them there. Do you want to advertise your business globally to all industries? will do it. Do you want to advertise within one specific industry? will do it. Do you want to advertise within one specific region? will do it. We can also accommodate language-specific advertising, so for example, if you were a recruitment agency looking for a French speaking chef to work in Australia, this is where your ad campaign would be displayed.

To find out more about how advertising on can benefit your business, contact us TODAY or complete the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements:

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