Spoken English Made Simple... has created a unique quick learning course by reconsidering the rule book

English speakers from the USA, UK, AUS, NZ and SA use many alternative words and phrases which are difficult to remember.

Old Rule 1: "I must learn to correctly put these phrases in the context of a sentence."

~ No you don't! Yes, you MUST understand what they mean, but you NEVER need to use them.

You can speak simple, clear text-book English, providing you can understand what is being said to you.

Old Rule 2: "I must understand exactly what they mean."

~ No you don't! You just need to know approximately what they mean to understand what is being said.

We have grouped words and phrases that all have a similar meaning, together with a Keyword. Simply connect the phrase with the Keyword to remember what is meant.

You will learn quickly what normally takes years to learn.


What do I do now?